Airports & Terminals

Airports, Passenger and Freight Terminals

The logistics and technical disciplines required to operate an airport or any other type of passenger or freight terminal are challenging at best. Responding to emergencies raises the stakes in protecting public safety.  At IMLCORP, we can provide powerful loudspeaker systems capable of broadcasting highly intelligible instructions to people for daily operations and emergency response, and we can integrate our loudspeakers with other mass notification technologies to give you the reach you need to maximize communications.


Clear, audible verbal communications can be critical when emergencies arise anywhere in an airport. SoundCommander® loudspeaker systems and technologies from our strategic partners give you a full range of voice-communications tools to reach people indoors and outdoors with easily understood information. Voice clarity can be especially critical for emergency response because people in an affected area may not be fluent in the language or languages primarily spoken at your facility. Our systems can cover:

  • The entire airport perimeter
  • Outdoor areas such as terminal entrances and parking facilities
  • Ramps and other terminal service areas
  • Cargo loading areas
  • Hangars

Marine Terminals

Near docks or buildings that handle passengers or freight, any type of security or operational emergency can arise almost without warning. You need the loud, clear voice instructions that only a SoundCommander® emergency mass notification system can provide to save lives and help responders do their jobs better.  The ability to overcome ambient sound levels and deliver warnings and instructions with the highest levels of clarity is critical, especially when not everyone speaks the local language fluently. Combine our loudspeakers with other mass notification technologies, and you have the complete communications package.

Trains, Trucks and Bus Terminals

In noisy, busy places, your emergency announcements will get the immediate response needed to protect public safety. Our SoundCommander® loudspeakers can overcome ambient sound levels and provide warnings and instructions that can understood by all the affected area

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