MITI Hoop Decon Wash System

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The vast majority of decontamination wash incidents require the decontaminating of only 1 to 20 people. There is no need for expensive, slow to erect, complicated DeCon tent and shower systems for 90% of Hazmat decontamination situations. The portable MITI DeCon Wash Hoop is made up of durable, lightweight welded aluminum construction for rugged use.


Designed for quick set-up on site. The Hoop system sets up in just minutes. Even setting up a full DeCon line with three wash pools, berm and Hoop wash components is amazingly fast and easy to do on site. The DeCon Hoop can be quickly reconfigured for use for patients on backboards. The system breaks down for easy stowage. The Hoop DeCon Wash System and additional components are very reasonably priced and within the budgets of almost any small city, fire department, military unit, first responder organization or private industry with a potential hazmat problem.


First response design concentrates water at the area being decontaminated, minimizing amount of water required for decontamination and disposal. Minimizes overspray for better control.


Applications include

  • Self wash-off, two person, three person, 55 gallon barrels, overpacks, patients on backboard, equipment, bunker gear, and overhaul.
  • Constructed of durable, lightweight, corrosion free aluminum pipe and tube
  • Two piece design provides for use in full or half loop configuration
  • Features easy to use cam-lok couplings to join hoop halves
  • Doubles as portable emergency shower for factories
  • Fast, efficient, cost effective decontamination
  • Can be quickly set up for on-site application
  • Uses a standard 3/4" hose connection
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Two extendable handles provided with each model, for use when handles are fully extended

Water Output

4.6 GPM @ 30 PSI (.29 litres/sec @ 30 PSI)

4.8 GPM @ 40 PSI (.30 litres/sec @ 40 PSI)


DeCon Hoop Specifications:



(2 Piece) Decon Hoop -

45" OD (114.30 cm) X 39" ID (99.06cm) with two 43" (109.22cm) handles

66" (167.64cm) fully extended handle, 10 lbs (4.55kg)



(2 Piece) Decon Hoop with outside and inside handles -

45" OD (114.30 cm) X 32" ID (81.28cm) with two 43" (109.22cm) handles

66" (167.64cm) fully extended handle, 14 lbs (6.36kg)



(4 Piece) Decon Hoop -

Ideal for tight storage situations.

45" OD (114.30 cm) X 39" ID (99.06cm), Handles 32" (81cm) - 53"(134 cm) fully extended handle, 10 lbs (4.55kg)



(4 Piece) Decon Hoop with outside and inside handles -

Ideal for tight storage situations.

45" OD (114.30 cm) X 39" ID (81.28cm), Handles 32" (81cm) - 53"(134 cm) fully extended handle, 14 lbs (6.36kg)



Decon Hoop storage bag

Portable DeCon “U” Shower:  The Portable DeCon U Shower is specifically designed to deploy quickly and to minimize the amount of waste water created during the decontamination process. The system is uniform in design to be used independently or with the MITI DeCon Hoop™, Pools and Secondary Ground Pad/Berm Systems.



Deploys in less than one minute

Constructed of high strength aluminum tubing

Nyglas cam-lock quick couplers for quick leak-free connections

Breaks down for easy stowage in confined spaces

Powder coated safety orange for high visibility, chemical and corrosion protection• Comes

complete with storage bag


DU-50 Assembled: 52” Base Diameter, x 50” Shower Width, x 7.5’ Height,

Disassembled: 5” W x 54” L, x 30” H (12.70 x 137.16 x 76.20 cm), 29lbs/13.15kg


Water Output

Output 6.3 GPM@30psi / 6.6 GPM@40psi (.39 Liters/Sec@30psi / .41 Litre/Sec@ 40psi)


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